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Autumn Leaf Coasters
  • Autumn Leaf Coasters

    Hand-made from clear resin and a dried  autumn leaves, these make gorgeous gifts!


    The set of four coasters is hand-made using high quality resin, measuring approximately 125mm x 130cm x 5cm, and are edged by hand in gold enamel paint.


    Each piece is individual and unique, and  as these are hand-made, tiny imperfections are normal and part of the casting process. Colours may also vary slightly from the photo shown.

    Please note that these cannot be used in a dishwasher, nor soaked in hot water. They may also mark if used with very hot drinks.


    Would you like a resin piece?

    Each piece is unique and cannot be recreated exactly. I can produce any shape and colour on wood or on a pre-shaped canvas. Like any artwork, resin can be damaged and should not be cleaned with chemicals, submerged in water or wrapped in bubble wrap or plastic.

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