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Bristol Bulldogs '78
  • Bristol Bulldogs '78

    This Bristol Bulldogs 1978 speedway race jacket has been hand-cut from high quality Birch ply using a scroll saw, and then the pieces separated and painted. The parts have then been put together jigsaw-like and set into the backing framework. It is a very slight re-design of the originals sold previously.


    Other photos show the process from the initial drawing to completion, and only the finished item for sale.


    The race jacket was created by hand from 4mm & 6mm MDF, it is approx. 9 inches (230mm) square

    If you are interested in a commission, or if you if you have any questions please feel free to contact me.



      KG Creations will accept returned goods when damaged in transit, provided the following is adhered to:

      Please email details to us at together with photos of both the damaged packaging and the damage caused to the purchased item within 24 hours of receipt.

      Bearing in mind that the products are hand made, please allow 14 days for the item to be re-created and shipped.






    Normally shipped within 2 weeks of Pre-Order being received.
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