Reminiscent of a breezy Indian Ocean island, soothing Seychelles blends notes of fresh bergamot, bright orange and rich amber with warm notes of exotic coconut, vanilla and almond.

(Similar in style and identity to The White Company's Seychelles.)


Our reed diffusers are available in two sizes, 100ml & 200 ml of gorgeous naturally coloured fragrance, and also come in a lovely gift box ready for you to wrap.

All of our Kandls reed diffusers are lovingly hand poured (by me) to provide you with months of scented pleasure, and are normally posted within 2 working days if your order being placed.No animals are used for testing during the manufacturing process, for neither the base or the fragrances.

To keep them looking good and safe, please take a little time to read the tips below to enjoy a better scent experience for longer. Name trademarks and copyrights are properties of their respective manufacturers and/or designers. KG Creations has no affiliation with any of the manufacturers/designers. The name of any 'similar in scent' product sold by KG Creations is purely to give the customer an idea of fragrance character.Please see the care and safety instructions below prior to purchase, and please remember, NEVER attempt to light the reeds and keep well away from children and pets.

Seychelles diffuser

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  • Reed Diffusers are the perfect way to freshen up a living area without the need for flame from a candle or electricity from an electric melt warmer. The natural fibre reeds continuously release a clean, pure fragrance throughout your living space. If you need to, simply turn the reeds over once a week to recharge and release a new wave of scent.

    Our diffusers are all hand-poured and last up to 6 months, depending on the air conditions it is placed in. There are several factors that will affect how long your reed diffuser will last and the amount of fragrance it releases. These include:

    • Number of reeds used (we recommend using 5-6 for a good throw of fragrance)
    • the airflow around your diffuser (if close to a fan, air conditioning or an open window the reeds will soak up the oil faster).

    Directions of use:

    Remove the silver cap and carefully prise out the stopper. Replace the silver cap and add 5-6 reeds.

    Place the reed sticks in the oil and allow them to sit for a few hours. By the end of this period, you should start to notice the sticks slowly absorbing the oil. With the reeds provided, you should not normally need to flip the reeds over to saturate the top part of the reeds that stick out above oil level.  But occasionally, this may help to speed up the process of the oil soaking up from the bottom diffusing through the entire reed.

    Place your reed diffuser somewhere suitable in your home, where it won't be knocked or investigated by curious children or pets. Be sure to keep it well away from electrical appliances too, in case of a spill. Expect a light fragrance to start perfuming your room within 24 hours.

    Do Not light the diffuser reeds as the solution is flammable.

    Ensure your reed diffuser is placed out of reach of children and pets in an area where it will not be easily knocked over. If spilt, the mixture may stain surfaces.

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