All speedway teams now available, both current and past sides!


A choice of speedway teams and riders are available OVER 3 LISTINGS, please select your choice from the drop-down box.

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All teams currently available are:


Armadale Devils, Belle Vue Aces, Belle Vue Colts, Berwick Bandits, Birmingham Brummies, Boston Barracudas, Coventry Bees, Cradley Heathens, Eastbourne Eagles, Edinburgh Monarchs, Exeter Falcons, Glasgow Tigers, Hackney Speedway, Ipswich Witches, Isle Of Wight Warriors, Kent Kings, Kent Royals, Kings Lynn Stars, Leicester Lions, Leicester Cobs, Mildenhall Fen Tigers, Newcastle Diamonds, Peterborough Panthers, Plymouth Gladiators, Poole Pirates, Reading Racers, Redcar Bears, Rye House Rockets, Scunthorpe Scorpions, Sheffield Tigers, Somerset Rebels, Swindon Robins,  Wimbledon Dons, Wolverhampton Wolves.


The designs are cut into clear 4mm Perspex acrylic which is 12cm (4.75”) in diameter and cut to order, so please  allow a couple of days prior to postage.

The black LED base is 8.5cm in diameter and 4cm deep, with a “touch” on-off/colour select button. Each base takes 3 x AA batteries (not supplied), or can be powered via USB using the supplied DC 5V cable and will displays either one of 7 individual colours, or flash alternately depending on selection. Full operational instructions are enclosed with each purchase.

Please note that the areas which have been cut may be sharp – please take care when handling and keep away from children.


Other teams which can be ordered now using the "Personalise" selection option included: (or any team you desire!) and send me a personal message with the required text, please note that these are made to order and delivery time may be slightly longer. Also, please allow for the fact that the amount of space available for the text is limited to 20 characters.

Teams you might like to consider are:

Bradford Dukes, Ellesmere Port, Milton Keynes Knights, Middlesbrough Tigers, Oxford Cheetahs, Scunthorpe Saints, Aldershot, Bristol Bulldogs, Canterbury Crusaders, Crayford Kestrels, Crewe, Halifax Dukes, Harringay Racers, Hull Vikings, Long Eaton, New Cross Rangers, Plymouth Red Devils, Romford Bombers, Sittingbourne Crusaders, Southampton Saints, Stoke Potters, Walthamstow.

Speedway team LED lights-LIST2

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