This one-off (at the moment!) resin clock cast from an actual size used Talon 59 tooth rear wheel speedway sprocket. It is actual sprocket size, approximately 30cm in diameter, the hands being black and red.


This grey, feintly glittered one is for sale, complete with actual gouges and marks from "offs", and these can be commissioned to order in any colour and most shades, either opaque or clear/glittered. The lead time to produce a commission will be 1 month from the order date, and requests should be emailed via prior to ordering.


** Please note the lilac watermark is not part of the design, and not on the originals.


Would you like a resin piece? Each piece is unique and cannot be recreated exactly. I can produce any shape and colour on wood or on a pre-shaped canvas. Like any artwork, resin can be damaged and should not be cleaned with chemicals, submerged in water or wrapped in bubble wrap or plastic.

Sprocket clock