Hand-made from tinted resin these gorgeous triangular pyramid-shaped paperweights make the ideal gift or decor addition for the person with everything.

Each is made using high quality resin and pigment, weighing approximately 20g each, and measuring 53x53x45mm high. As these are hand-made, tiny imperfections are normal and part of the casting process.

** Please note that the points and edges of these pyramids can be very sharp and should be kept well away from children.


Currently one in stock and available as shown in the photos are:


Black, glittery

Azure blue

Silver glitter

Red & orange


Clear with tiny bubbles

Black with coloured glitter

Red, white & silver



If you'd like a set of colours which are not available, please complete the "Make Me" box with required colours. Each one takes 21-28 days to fully cure before it is available for shipping, so please factor this into your thoughts.


Would you like a resin piece? Each piece is unique and cannot be recreated exactly. I can produce any shape and colour on wood or on a pre-shaped canvas. Like any artwork, resin can be damaged and should not be cleaned with chemicals, submerged in water or wrapped in bubble wrap or plastic.

Tri-pyramid paperweights

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