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My name is Karen -  I am a crafting addict!

It all began back in 2013 when I'd had my fill of working for others and had lots of time to fill.

I have always been pretty practical with my hands, but never considered the crafting angle before.

I was merrily winging my way one day wasting time on Google, when I came across something called "Book Folding". Great, I thought - I love that effect!

So I had a go - talk about time consuming! Whilst they looked beautiful, there was no way I had the patience for it.

So I did a bit more Googling, and came across paper cutting.

I was hooked!

I had all sorts of ideas of things I wanted to do, but sadly most haven't yet come to fruition as they are big projects!

Once I had done one paper cut, I had friends and relations asking if I could do one for them.

And from the small seeds dear people, comes this site.

I'm the type of person who masters something and then gets bored easily, so the paper cutting led on to producing T-shirts, bunting with messages on, mugs, engraved glasses, pyrography (the ancient art of burning wood by hand with a heated pen), decal designing, wood carving, scroll sawing, candle and wax melt making, resin items and many variations along the way.

I'm still happy to design and produce any of the above should people request them, so feel free to send me your ideas and requests.

Outside of crafting, I'm married with two big, grown up kids and live in Nottingham, UK. and for my sins, I'm also a Notts County supporter with geeky tendencies.

If you have read my ramblings thus far, you have done very well, and I thank you.

Best wishes,


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