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Beach wave #3
  • Beach wave #3

    It's a perfect gift for a house warming, wedding or engagement, or as an addition to your living area, and ideal for a beach themed bathroom.


    An original one-off beach wave artwork, hand made with multiple layers of resin which are poured on top of painted 6mm MDF to create this one-of-a-kind resin heart. The resin heart pictured above is the piece you will receive, and it measures approximately 20cm x 19cm.

    The heart comes with no hangers to the rear to allow the customer to use a stand or add their own hanger.


    Would you like a resin piece?

    Each piece is unique and cannot be recreated exactly. I can produce any shape and colour on wood or on a pre-shaped canvas. Please message me with your requirements.


    Please note that like any artwork, resin can be damaged and should not be cleaned with chemicals or wrapped in bubble wrap.

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