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Bespoke coasters
  • Bespoke coasters

    Order your own unique, bespoke, hand made resin coasters, a choice of 1, 2, 4 or 6 coasters, hand made to your own colour scheme either translucent or opaque and either a circle or hexagon shape. Each coaster is unique and cannot be replicated, and has rubber bumpers underneath to help prevent the marking of furniture.
    These coasters make the perfect housewarming gift or wedding gift like no other!


    Each is a functional piece of artwork, which will surely add a splash of colour to any kitchen or lounge. Resin is highly durable, and has a glass-like finish with the strength of plastic. Due to the nature of the resin they won’t be identical and there may be slight imperfections. I take pride in every piece, so I do my upmost to make it as perfect as it can be.


    Size: 100mm across the parallel edges, 10mm deep

    Please allow one calendar month from placing your order before delivery as the resin requires 28 days to fully cure. You will receive an email once your coatsers are on their way.
    If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to message me :)


    Care Instructions
    - Keep out of direct sunlight. Prolonged exposure can cause the resin to discolour and soften.
    - Avoid exposing to harsh chemicals and any cleaning products
    - Clean with warm soapy water, do not submerge. Products are not dishwasher safe.

    Please note that food should have a covering if placed on the resin, as no resin is completely food safe, and food should not be chopped or cut on the resin area to prevent marks and chipping.

    Have any questions or concerns please feel free to message me :)


    Would you like a resin piece?

    Each piece is unique and cannot be recreated exactly. I can produce any shape and colour on wood or on a pre-shaped canvas. Please message me with your requirements.


    Please note that like any artwork, resin can be damaged and should not be cleaned with chemicals or wrapped in bubble wrap.

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