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Track road sign
  • Track road sign

    Something a little different, of which there are only a limited number available for each of Abbey Stadium, Blackbird Road, Cliftonhill Stadium, Earle Street, Kingsmead Stadium, Plough Lane, Old Meadowbank, The Boulevard, The Shay, Wimborne Road, Brandon Stadium, Dudley Wood Stadium and now Berrington Lough.

    Twelve tracks, but the listing is for one sign of your choice only, not all!

    The black border, road name & red post code is raised from the white background.

    These vary in size, between 6.5" and 11.25" in length, by 2" high, and created from 4mm MDF, and cut using a scroll saw, painted and then mounted onto a 6mm backing sheet. All are hand cut (as usual) using a scroll saw.


    Swindon Leicester Coatbridge Crewe Canterbury Wimbledon Edinburgh Hull Halifax Poole Cradley Heath Berwick Bandits

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