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Reed Diffusers added

Yes, it's finally happened, all fragrances are now available as gift-boxed reed diffusers! You can find them here.

Your home can now smell gorgeous throughout the year, not just with candles or wax melts in winter.

Reed diffusers are very popular as there is no naked flame to worry about, and our large 200ml bottles will last twice as long as your usual diffuser - up to 6 months!

With lots of testing going on since Christmas, we're finally happy with them.

There's still lots of work to do on the CLP label side of things (boring but essential legal stuff) for the website, so only ten fragrances have been added, but the others won't be too far behind.

If you would like a diffuser fragrance which hasn't been added to the website yet, please message me and I will make it a priority to add and send you a link to purchase.

Both Daisy Flower and Flower Bomb are already popular, both being incredible fragrances which lend themselves well to this product.

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