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The Art of Scroll Sawing - Pt 3

Following on from our previous two parts, how it all fits together and is finished off.

Done cutting!

A coat of Danish Oil for protection.

The edges are then sand papered to the front and back, and any material left in the cut slots cleared. Care needs to be taken as some of the thinner parts can be extremely fragile.

The cut piece, and all the tiny parts are then coated by brush with Danish Oil and left to dry fully overnight.

The backing board is then given a coat of grey primer on the top side, and then two coats of black gloss spray enamel for an excellent finish over a period of the next 24 hours.

Once everything is dry, it is a case

of gluing all parts of the main picture using wood glue to the black backing piece. Fortunately all the modern wood glues all dry clear, so should there be any overspill (God forbid!) it will dry clear.

This is the clamped between 2 sheets of waste ply and allowed to dry overnight.

The tiny parts are glued and added later (using the waste wood cut out) to position them accurately and allowed to dry.

Ta daaaaa - It’s finished!

Photos are then taken to send to the recipient, and the item dispatched, usually by good old Royal Mail.

Links: Axminster Tools: Pegas Blades:

Thank you for reading thus far, we hope you enjoyed this mini-series and look forward to your comments below. Look out for more in the coming weeks!

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