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What else I do!

Following on from the previous three blogs which were all on the one subject, I have decided to give you an insight into the other crafty items I produce. There are others, such as glass etching and glass block decorating, but these tend to be more specialist requests!

t-shirt available
Life Behind Bars

A T-shirt can be designed and printed to any specification - you have the idea and I'll produce it! Either in-house design, or from a photograph on any colour garment. Not just t-shirts, but polo shirts, hoodies and even babygrows - all made to order.

I use Fruit of the Loom shirts, or if they aren't available, Gildan, from child sizes right up to 3XL, with larger sizes available by special order.

Lad's weeks away, hen do's & stag nights a speciality!!

Pyro equipment

A little background to my art;

Pyrography dates back to the 17th century, and literally means "writing with fire", from the Greek pur (fire) and graphos (writing) and these days is achieved by hand using a special electrically heated pen, a little like a soldering iron. I recently re-posted a video with more details if you would like more information.

The outline of the high resolution picture is resized and then hand drawn on to the wood. Then the burning begins. It can take anything up to a week to get the right shades and textures to match a photo. The acrylic paint is then added, often taking 2,3 or more coats to get the desired shade, and then left to dry for 2-3 days, after which it is sealed with two coats of acrylic sealant.

My pyros and latest scroll saw portraits are framed with locally made quality black or dark wood-effect frames which are quite wide and set off the burnt shading and wood beautifully. Pyros are always framed without glass in order that the wood can breathe, and should never be hung in bright light or direct sunlight.


Paper cutting is done completely by hand and involves a minimum of two layers of paper, cut with a sharp blade to the required design, which is built up from the background.

Boris (right) was only 7 layers of coloured paper, but some designs can take more than 9 layers to complete!

These can be reproduced from any high resolution photo, or designed to a requested specification by commission.

I hope you have found my little insight interesting, I'm now off to burn wood!

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